Control Your Diabetes With These Healthy Daily Routines

Diabetes is a health issue that you have got for life. You know that you have to live with it. However, why must it be a problem for you?

Diabetes is a serious health problem, we understand. However, you can easily control it and live a healthy life by following some basic healthy daily routines. Thinking about what these routines are? Well, read on this article to know everything you need to understand about maintaining a healthy lifestyle even with your diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Before you can understand the daily routines and other things to follow for maintaining and controlling your diabetes, it’s essential that you understand its causes.

Here are some of the major causes of diabetes.

Physical Inactivity

One of the major causes of diabetes is physical inactivity. This is more troublesome for people who are overweight or obese. It’s worrying as well because most of us have a sedentary lifestyle which puts us all at a huge risk of contracting the disease. Adding to physical inactivity the unhealthy lifestyle habits and other eating disorders makes the situation worse.

This is a cause one can easily control by doing regular workouts and keeping the body as mobile as possible. Additionally, one must also take care of their eating habits and try to eat healthy food in order to ensure that their lifestyle is healthy overall.

Genes and Family History

Diabetes can also be caused due to genetic factors. Family history is always checked in cases such as diabetes and if someone in the family had diabetes, it’s more common for the generations down the line to contract the disease too.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance can also cause diabetes. This simply means that the pancreas is not secreting enough insulin for the body to manage and control blood sugar levels and the body needs external support to maintain and manage those levels. This is why people with diabetes have to take insulin injections because insulin resistance is a major cause of diabetes.


Age is also a factor in causing diabetes. However, old age becomes a factor in the case of Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused generally to people who are 40 or above. As for Type 1 diabetes, it can happen even to children which is why it is essential to be careful.

Daily Routines That Will Keep Your Diabetes in Control

You must have heard that exercises, yoga, taking insulin regularly, and other such practices help manage diabetes. Well, that’s true.

Here in below is a list of some common daily routines to follow to keep your diabetes in control.

Healthy Eating

Diabetes or not, healthy eating is essential for a healthy life. However, when you have diabetes, it must become an essential part of your daily routine. You must monitor what you’re eating and how much. It’s better to lessen the amount of carbs in your diet and best to stay away from sugary foods.


Exercises are the key to controlling your diabetes. When you exercise, energy is utilised from your body and that helps keep your sugar levels in control. You must talk to your doctor about a regular exercise plan and follow it to the T to ensure that your blood sugar is in control and diabetes is managed.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is recommended as a lifestyle habit. It helps with diabetes management as well because it can affect your blood sugar levels when you’re dehydrated. So, it’s always good to carry a water bottle with you and drink as much water as you can, especially when you’re exercising, because that’s when your blood sugar levels are most affected.

Add Physiotherapy to Your Routine

Physiotherapy has proven benefits in managing blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes. It has benefits for the overall body and is a great practice in managing and maintaining your healthy lifestyle. So, adding physiotherapy sessions to your daily routine can help you a lot in managing diabetes.

If you wish to add such sessions to your routine, you can talk about the same at Five Lotus Indo German which is a nature care centre with the best doctors and therapists to offer natural and ayurvedic treatments and therapies.

Additionally, you can even have your diet and exercises planned with them and follow a natural course to controlling your diabetes.

Control Your Diabetes Now

Diabetes is something that will stay with you for a lifetime, however, it doesn’t have to be a problem for you. You only need to inculcate some healthy habits and you will be well in control of your diabetes.

We hope that this article on daily routines to control diabetes was helpful to you and that you’re all set to follow a natural course to managing your diabetes so that you don’t become a slave to medicine.


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