Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a multi-factorially induced body condition and can be induced by many factors, such as –
1. Medically induced: resulting from thyroid disease, diabetes, or any other medical condition.
2. Overeating induced: caused by excessive or unhealthy food habits.
3. Nutritional deficiency: A lack of essential nutrients in the body causes this condition. This causes water retention and swelling in the body.
4. Low BMR: Slow Basal Metabolic Rate reduces the body’s energy consumption rate and other hormonal activities, resulting in obesity.
At Five Lotus, we treat the underlying physical and psychological causes of obesity. You can alter your weight, perspective, and life with A supervised diet program based on nutritious, organic, and easily digestible food, rest, and therapies that support each other for internal body cleaning as per your unique body composition. Our skilled culinary staff prepares a fresh, nutritious, flavorful meal that helps you remodel your body and provides good, permanent improvement with long-term effects. Our medical team identifies the root cause of your obesity and works on specialised treatments to give you a long-term, healthier, slimmer body. The comprehensive remedies of Naturopathy and Ayurveda, together with yoga, improve our general health and well-being. Thus, treating the cause with a holistic approach and not only making you slave to the medicine.
Transform yourself naturally!
 Transform Yourself Naturally !