Liver Treatment

Liver ailments such as fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and other disorders that affect the liver can occur as a result of a number of factors, including ill habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. There is no treatment in allopathy that can reverse the effects of liver disorders. It can only be reversed & revitalized by using AYUSH methods and treatments. One should always opt for Naturopathy to resolve such liver disorders.
At Five Lotus Indo German, natural therapies are adopted on a case-to-case basis depending on the chronicity of the problem. These therapies include hot and cold applications, GH packs, modulation in diet, etc., administered by trained and experienced medical staff.
With such therapies and modulations, we stimulate the kidneys for long lasting relief as well as the liver to naturally replenish itself.
Such natural replenishment is possible because the liver is the only organ that can replenish itself even if just one percent of the organ remains healthy. With the elimination of toxins in the body and making internal organs stress free to stimulate rejuvenation of organs, the various treatments and therapies help naturally recover from liver disorders and keep you healthy and fit.
We heal you naturally with natural treatment practices and therapies.
 We heal you Naturally !