Yoga is an age-old practice in the Indian culture that stimulates physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Since ancient times, sadhus have believed in the practice of yoga. Different yoga asanas and postures stimulate different nerves and muscles in the body and aid natural healing along with physical fitness and mental well-being.
Daily practice of Yoga is beneficial in multiple forms such as-
  1. Physical fitness
  2. Healing from body aches and other pains.
  3. Relief from stress and anxiety
  4. Improved concentration and focus
  5. Strength and flexibility in the body

In addition to these benefits, Yoga also connects you with your inner self. As you concentrate on your breathing when holding different positions during the asanas, you channel your thoughts and can feel closer to yourself thereby getting a better hold of your thoughts and emotions.
With all these benefits, Yoga is a holistic approach to life that everyone should practice for better health and fitness.
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