Asthma and Sinusitis

@Five Lotus Indo German, Nature Cure Centre our expert team of Doctors and skilled therapists, use several planned naturopathic individual-specific treatments and techniques, such as Ginger Onion Chest wrap, Hot Foot Bath along with Shat Kriyas for relieving Lung congestion. Specialised Chest and Upper Back massages in combination with Water Asthma Bath, herbal remedies, yoga asanas, and planned nutrition intake is prescribed. Focus is on giving relief to the local sinus and upper respiratory tract area and at the same time working on the body’s immunity to prevent the allergic reactions of the body in the long run.
We focus on the root cause of the problem and treat the conditions making the body withstand allergic reactions of Asthma for a long period of time naturally.
Thus, treating the cause with a holistic approach and not making you slave to medicines.
 Manage your respiratory problems Naturally !