Sujok Therapy

Sujok Therapy is a practice that drives overall body fitness by stimulating the internal and external organs through the hands and legs. Sujok is a combination of two words – “Su” which means hand and “Jok” which means palm. The idea of the therapy is that the entire body is within our hands and legs. So, by focusing on the various acupressure points in the hands, palms, and legs, Sujok therapy is beneficial in driving overall body fitness. Be it physical health or psychological health, Sujok therapy is helpful with its healing and curative nature.
The therapy is also easy to administer and there are no possible side-effects whatsoever of the therapy. There are no precautions to be taken for the therapy and it’s naturally healing and curing which makes it one of the safest therapies you can ever take.

Some major benefits that anyone can derive from Sujok Therapy are-
1.      Mental Stability and Wellness
Sujok therapy brings peace of mind and helps relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, etc. It’s also beneficial in treating phobias and addictions. So, the therapy has lasting benefits in bringing mental stability and wellness by focusing the acupressure points for brain stimulation and calming the brain waves and nerves.
2.    Natural Healing
Whether you have an internal injury or an external injury, Sujok therapy is helpful in healing them naturally by focusing various acupressure points for the internal organs and stimulating them to produce a healing and curing effect. The best healing from the therapy can be observed when treating neck, hands, feet, and joint injuries.
3.      Weight Management
Stimulating the acupressure points in the hands and feet helps improve body circulation and metabolism which is functional in helping keep your weight in check. With better body circulation it’s easy to reduce extra lipids in the body and lose the extra weight.
These are just a few benefits of Sujok Therapy. There are many more benefits for overall physical and mental fitness. With this safe therapy, you can move towards better health – physically and psychologically.
We heal you naturally, Don’t be a slave to medicine !