Meditation on its own is a  de-stressor , when combined with a natural setting, Yogic practices and balanced Satwik diet which facilitates Detox and rejuvenation, then there are no ways that your worries will survive. At Five lotus we help you to be more relaxed and refreshed, to become stronger mentally and enjoy inner peace amidst nature.

Silence can change the personality of the individual, it’s a journey where one grows stronger with greater determination and self confidence. There is a conservation of energy and person experiences inner strength. It helps to concentrate and introspect.

At five lotus we teach you various meditative and relaxative techniques for physical, physiological, mental, psychological and spiritual benefits.  Meditation primarily helps you achieve mental detoxification.

Scientific researches have proved that meditation boosts your intuition, improves awareness, develops will power, lowers your stress and pressure, taps into your creativity, broadens your perspective, helps in discovering your purpose, helps attain higher level of emotional stability, decreases muscle tension, cures headaches and migraines, boosts immunity, slows down brain ageing and grow better relationships.