Diabetes Treatment in Chhattisgarh

Its a chronic disorder where either pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or cells does not respond to the insulin produced leading to accumulation of glucose in the blood. This condition is called Diabetes. This is caused due to reduced physical activity, excessive fat and sugar containing diet, alcohol intake and stress other than genetic disposition. Untreated or delay in treating the condition leads to complications Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy etc.

Naturopathic principle states that toxin overloaded body organs loses harmony, alters the physiology of all our body systems, primarily circulatory and urinary system, resulting in the circulation of undigested food and such state of body can be perceived by the following signs and symptoms :

·         Increased thirst, hunger and urination

·         Feeling tired and lethargic

·         Slow-healing wounds

·         Weight loss and mood swings

·         Itching and skin infections

·         Blurred vision and nausea

Naturopathy recognizes that we all are different and unique, therefore we all need different approach for treatments irrespective of two people have similar health problems. At Five Lotus our experts focus on eliminating the root cause of all your health problems.