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Nature cure can work best when it is closest to nature. What location then adjoining a protected wildlife sanctuary with an unpolluted green forest ecosystem.

Barnawapara offers 250 sq. kms. of lush green picturesque forest with rivulets, rolling that has the power to reinvigorate tired spirits.



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Giving Back to Nature

Five Lotus has been designed to be a Green Project and is an extension of our philosophy of giving back to the Earth.

  • The complete property has Solar Water Geysers.
  • The project has kilometers of underground trenches in which all the rainwater is collected and harvested in eight different places.
  • The spillover is collected in a specifically manicured pond. This pond water is re-utilized over the complete landscape of the project.
  • Non-mechanical and eco-friendly central Sewage Treatment plant has been installed to treat the entire sewage and convert it to potable water, which is again re-utilized for watering the landscape.


Uplifting the Local Talent & Economy

  • We are committed to boosting the local skill and economy. So, we hire the local workforce and them in the various aspects of Naturopathy and Hospitality Management, This effectively contributes towards their skill development and them secure a livelihood.

Additionally our team engages with the local villagers, encourages them to adopt organic farming, helps them grow such crops, and buys back their harvest produce


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Discover the Wholesome Richness of Organic Food & Herbas

  • At five Lotus, we grow our own herbs and are going to engage soon in our very own Organic Farming.
  • All food products are Nature Fresh and/or are procured from the organic sources.
  • Our widespread Herbal Garden Beautifully encompasses a variety of 90+ Herbs, specifically planted for its various natural, medicinal properties.
  • A very good example of the extent of the finesse of Naturopathy in the growing of the natural sweetener plant, Stevia.



The idea is to disengage everyone from the daily routine life. FIVE LOTUS philosophy is to make all guests relax, unwind & engage in recreational activities. They say the best way to destress is to let yourself be busy with fun activities. We welcome our guests to arrive here with family and to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the resort and have a complete fun time. To ensure that you have a quality time while you are here, we have dedicated kids play area, kids water park, indoor games such as carom, table tennis, pool, and outdoor games such as badminton, volleyball etc. Other amenities include an indoor swimming pool. You will feel the difference from the moment you walk-in. Various recreational programs and folk dances will be arranged during the evenings. You will be advised to take long relaxing walks on the lawns spread across the resort. We can also help in arranging guided tours to the wildlife sanctuary of Barnawapara.