Liver is the largest organ in the body which aids in digestion, assimilation and detoxification.

Fatty liver and Liver cirrhosis are the commonest diseases affecting Liver which damages its normal physiology and anatomy progressively, eventually preventing its normal functions. Risk factors for Accumulation of fat in liver are obesity, Diabetes, High triglycerides, Malnutrition, excess calorie intake or alcohol intake leading to Cirrhosis. Person with a liver damage shows symptoms like weakness, abdominal discomfort, weight loss, fatigue and lowered immunity.

Liver imbalance leads to improper digestion, affecting other tissues adversely due to undigested, unwanted absorbed nutrients circulating in the blood. Treatment of liver at Five Lotus involves the purification of blood and digestion which is achieved through alkaline diet mainly and other detoxifying therapies using herbal preparations, at the same time yogic techniques to strengthen immunity and vitality