LOTUS EXPERIENCE PACKAGE – RECHARGE-REVITALIZE-RESTORE (1 NIGHT, 2 NIGHTS)                                                   

A short health break designed for those who want to experience the Nature Cure Treatments once, get acquainted with Naturopathic concepts of Healing and get an inspiration for a true well being. The diet is as per healthy Naturopathy Standards.


  The tariff includes price of some treatments, fooding & stay.

Room Category

1 Night

2 Nights

Per Night

Executive Single

 ₹    3,500

 ₹   6,500


Executive Double

 ₹    6,000

 ₹ 11,500






Executive Lake View Single

 ₹    4,000

 ₹   7,500


Executive Lake View Double

 ₹    7,000

 ₹ 13,500






Bungalow Single  (Per Room)

 ₹    4,500

 ₹   8,500


Bungalow Double (Per Room)                              

 ₹    8,000

 ₹ 15,500






Premium Duplex Single (Per Room)                               

 ₹    5000

 ₹   9,500


Premium Duplex Double (Per Room)                             

 ₹    9,000

 ₹ 17,500






1 Nights of Accommodation

2 Nights of Accommodation



– 1 x Welcome Drink

– 1 x Welcome Drink



– 1 x Lifestyle Consultation

– 1 x Lifestyle Consultation



– 1 x Personalized Post Treatment 
Health Plan

– 1 x Personalized Post Treatment Health Plan



– Daily Relaxing Therapies

– Daily Relaxing Therapies



–  Cleansing Kriyas, 
–  Relaxing Mud Packs 
–  Yoga & Meditation 
–  Relaxing Hydro Sessions
–  Healthy Diet

–  Cleansing Kriyas 
–  Relaxing Mud Packs 
–  Yoga & Meditation 
–  Relaxing Hydro Sessions
–  Healthy Diet



– 1 x Wrap

– 1 x Wrap



– 1 x Swedish Massage + Steam Bath

– 1 x Swedish Massage + Steam Bath




– 1 x Relaxing Mud Bath / Relaxing Back Massage




– 1 X Foot Reflexology



Please Note :

Our Centre’s Policy (Rules & Regulations):

·         It is mandatory to present any valid ID (Passport/ Election ID/ Aadhar Card/ Driving License)at the time of check-in.(As per notification of Police Dept of Chhattisgarh)

·         Attendants will be accommodated along with the guest only and meals for attendants will be provided considering the normal diet of a person as per standards of the institute. Attendants will not be provided treatments and are allowed as companion to the Guest taking treatments.

·         Children will be charged at following rates:

(a)    Below 6 years- No Charges  (b) 6 to 10 Years- Rs- 800/-  (c) 11 to 16 years- 1500/- per day

·         Dormitory for drivers are available @ Rs 500/- per bed per day per person. This includes basic meals also.

·         Non-Veg, Egg, Alcohol, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Gutkha, Narcotics, Smoking and all sorts of addictions are strictly prohibited in CENTER premises.

·         Tea, Coffee, snacks and Outside food is not allowed under any condition.

·         We don’t provide milk Tea

·         We don’t have room service and late night food facilities in our centre

·         Ensure not to spit in centre premises

·         Guests are not permitted to go out before checkout

·         On arrival baggage will be scanned for the prohibited items. Please Cooperate

·         Respect the environment and please do not pluck flowers, vegetables and leaves and also do not tease birds, animals, insects or reptiles.

·         Guests must comply with the rules and regulations of the Centre.


Cancellation Policy:

In case the registration is cancelled the following norms would apply:-

·         Cancellation Before 10 days of the scheduled booked date, there will be deduction of 25%of total billing value.

·         Cancellation Before 05 days of the scheduled booked date, there will be deduction of 50%of total billing value.

·         There will no refund if the guest does not come on booked date or cancelled on same day.


---Walk-in Check-in Policy at Five Lotus Indo German Nature Cure Centre---

• Walk in check-in guest’s will not be allowed after 6 PM.

• Walk in check-in guest have to wait for 6 working hrs for allotment of their treatment time & may not get all the treatments in their package.

• Walk in check-in guests will have to go through special briefing of rules & regulations.

• Dr. consultation may be done next day only.

HTML marquee Tag New revised tariff will be effective from 1st Oct 2019 and will be soon published on our website. Our existing tariff is only applicable for bookings and arrivals in the month of September 2019.