LOTUS EXPERIENCE PACKAGE – RECHARGE-REVITALIZE-RESTORE (1 NIGHT, 2 NIGHTS)                                                   

A short health break designed for those who want to experience the Nature Cure Treatments once, get acquainted with Naturopathic concepts of Healing and get an inspiration for a true well being. The diet is as per healthy Naturopathy Standards.


  The tariff includes price of some treatments, fooding & stay.

Room Category

1 Night

2 Nights

Per Night

Executive Single

 ₹    3,500

 ₹   6,500


Executive Double

 ₹    6,000

 ₹ 11,500






Executive Lake View Single

 ₹    4,000

 ₹   7,500


Executive Lake View Double

 ₹    7,000

 ₹ 13,500






Bungalow Single  (Per Room)

 ₹    4,500

 ₹   8,500


Bungalow Double (Per Room)                              

 ₹    8,000

 ₹ 15,500






Premium Duplex Single (Per Room)                               

 ₹    5000

 ₹   9,500


Premium Duplex Double (Per Room)                             

 ₹    9,000

 ₹ 17,500






1 Nights of Accommodation

2 Nights of Accommodation



– 1 x Welcome Drink

– 1 x Welcome Drink



– 1 x Lifestyle Consultation

– 1 x Lifestyle Consultation



– 1 x Personalized Post Treatment 
Health Plan

– 1 x Personalized Post Treatment Health Plan



– Daily Relaxing Therapies

– Daily Relaxing Therapies



–  Cleansing Kriyas, 
–  Relaxing Mud Packs 
–  Yoga & Meditation 
–  Relaxing Hydro Sessions
–  Healthy Diet

–  Cleansing Kriyas 
–  Relaxing Mud Packs 
–  Yoga & Meditation 
–  Relaxing Hydro Sessions
–  Healthy Diet



– 1 x Wrap

– 1 x Wrap



– 1 x Swedish Massage + Steam Bath

– 1 x Swedish Massage + Steam Bath




– 1 x Relaxing Mud Bath / Relaxing Back Massage




– 1 X Foot Reflexology



Please Note :

Our Centre’s Policy (Rules & Regulations):

·         It is mandatory to present any valid ID (Passport/ Election ID/ Aadhar Card/ Driving License)at the time of check-in.(As per notification of Police Dept of Chhattisgarh)

·         Attendants will be accommodated along with the guest only and meals for attendants will be provided considering the normal diet of a person as per standards of the institute. Attendants will not be provided treatments and are allowed as companion to the Guest taking treatments.

·         Children will be charged at following rates:

(a)    Below 6 years- No Charges  (b) 6 to 10 Years- Rs- 800/-  (c) 11 to 16 years- 1500/- per day

·         Dormitory for drivers are available @ Rs 500/- per bed per day per person. This includes basic meals also.

·         Non-Veg, Egg, Alcohol, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Gutkha, Narcotics, Smoking and all sorts of addictions are strictly prohibited in CENTER premises.

·         Tea, Coffee, snacks and Outside food is not allowed under any condition.

·         We don’t provide milk Tea

·         We don’t have room service and late night food facilities in our centre

·         Ensure not to spit in centre premises

·         Guests are not permitted to go out before checkout

·         On arrival baggage will be scanned for the prohibited items. Please Cooperate

·         Respect the environment and please do not pluck flowers, vegetables and leaves and also do not tease birds, animals, insects or reptiles.

·         Guests must comply with the rules and regulations of the Centre.


Cancellation Policy:

In case the registration is cancelled the following norms would apply:-

·         Cancellation Before 10 days of the scheduled booked date, there will be deduction of 25%of total billing value.

·         Cancellation Before 05 days of the scheduled booked date, there will be deduction of 50%of total billing value.

·         There will no refund if the guest does not come on booked date or cancelled on same day.


---Walk-in Check-in Policy at Five Lotus Indo German Nature Cure Centre---

• Walk in check-in guest’s will not be allowed after 6 PM.

• Walk in check-in guest have to wait for 6 working hrs for allotment of their treatment time & may not get all the treatments in their package.

• Walk in check-in guests will have to go through special briefing of rules & regulations.

• Dr. consultation may be done next day only.