BNYS Naturopath and Yoga Physician

Dr Bati Pandey a licensed Naturopathic and Yoga physician  grew up  in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She acquired her BNYS Degree – Doctor of Naturopathy and Yoga from Rajeev Gandhi University of Health sciences Bangalore and have 14 years of professional experience in her Field. She had worked with renowned wellness Destinations in India and in Kathmandu.

Dr Bati Pandey treats her patients on scientific knowledge and clinical experience. The goal is to minimize the use of prescription drugs to reduce strain on the body and to avoid side effects.

She has an entire holistic approach to treat physical symptoms as well as Mental well being. She integrates body and mind by lifestyle consultation , nutrition , botanicals ,mindfulness practices, positive approach towards life and meditation for patients with pain and other symptoms and health disorders.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise her goal is to focus on the symptoms and the cause of the disease. She had successfully treated patients with hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal issues, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems and psychological disorders.

She works with each patient to create an individualized, effective, and realistic treatment plan. She is a dynamic public speaker throughout, an empowering educator, and a compassionate physician who guides her patients to transform their health.

The overall focus of Dr Bati’s practice is on preventative medicine, lifestyle improvements and patient education- she can help you take back your power of health by encouraging the inherent self-healing power of you, the individual.