We all are at risk of toxic contaminants in our food, water, air that increases the rate of disease in our bodies. Medications, drugs, poor lifestyle also contributes to this toxic accumulation leading to malfunction of our bodily organs and finally lots of Health problems both acute and chronic are developed.

At five lotus we promote the foundation of more healthy and natural lifestyle practices for cleansing and recharging your body.

We do this through various natural treatments through the Five Elements of Nature of which our body is also made of, where we address or correct the root cause / triggering factors of the disease.

Our Detox program will achieve you a state of balance by increasing cell renewal, strengthening the immune system and rebalancing biochemical processes. Our Detox programs at Five Lotus are designed such that body gets optimum nutrition, treatments, rest and exercises that increases our vitality and makes us feel energetic. The symptoms will either drastically reduce or vanish altogether. These improvements can of course be achieved far better & faster if the therapy will be commenced early on.