A migraine is more than a headache. Stress is the primary cause of this.

It can cause throbbing pain and the pulsing situation usually on one side of the head, but many experiences it on both sides.

A person suffering from this can often feel nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and extreme sensitivity to bright lights, smells, and loud noises.


Neurological disease is common in half of the generation, and it affects 12 % of the world population. It is the 3rd most common disease and the 6th most disabling condition.


It is more familiar in people aged between 18-44 years. According to a survey, 90% of the people suffering from the following illness function not correctly. The pains can last from several hours to several days.


This falls under several categories according to a person experiencing its symptoms. Some of the are:-


With Aura –

According to several studies, every ⅓ of the individual having migraine experience an aura before a headache.

People feel a difference in vision, numbness, smell differentiation, and experience confused thinking.


Without Aura –

People experiencing this without an aura feel an intense headache at one side of the head. Sometimes these headaches can last from 4 to 72 hours.


Potential Causes –


Dysfunction in the nervous systems: The nervous system of a person having this is hypersensitive. It overreacts stimuli in the brain cell, and this activity leads to severe headaches and other symptoms. The trigeminal nerve is a trigger wiring. Which is involved in all migraine attacks in almost every person.

1.    Genetic causes: It is noticed that the symptoms run in families and rare genetic disorders. The majority of the people suffering from this have hypersensitive nervous systems.

2.    Hormonal changes: Headaches are usually caused in women during menstruation. Hormonal imbalance in women is caused right before the start of their period when the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones drop down right before the period starts. And this likely causes migraine headaches.

3.    Dysfunction in the brain stem: The root is when the overall atmosphere is associated with pain in both sides of the head causing headache. The brainstem is a complex interaction of our nervous system writing at the base of our brain.

4.    Traumatic brain injury: Post-traumatic brain injuries are caused by car accidents, military service, falls, and domestic violence. It is estimated that 30-90% of people experience a brain injury. The headaches are a kind of secondary ache that evolves within 7 days after the head trauma. Nearly 50% of people experience mild to moderate headaches after brain trauma which meets the criteria.


Treatments –


There is no permanent cure for this. Although people can find treatments for long-lasting relief from the pain. Some medications can help in reducing the pain and shorten the attacks of migraine headaches in the procedure.


Other treatments work to prevent or stop future attacks.

Several treatments can help in reducing the pain caused by migraine. Various allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic medications and natural or home remedies can help treat migraine.


As we know, headaches are typically badly followed by extreme pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. And when this pain or attacks occur, we do almost everything possible to get rid of it.


It is believed that natural or home remedies are the best effective way to treat this. There are various natural and drug-free methods to reduce attacks.


Below are a few effective methods that can help reduce symptoms –


1.    Maintaining a food diet.

2.    Practice body relaxation exercises and yoga.

3.    Try acupuncture.

4.    Take a night of good sleep.

5.    Stay hydrated.

6.    Avoid excessive use of alcohol.

7.    Sidestep strong smells.

8.    Intake some caffeine to reduce headaches.

9.    Use some essential oils.

10. Cold compressors can be used to soothe the pain.

11. Use of herbal remedies.


Many people are badly impacted by severe headaches and find it essential to treat them with effective natural remedies or other treatment options.


Though traditional methods like medications are necessary, natural or herbal approaches can also be beneficial to treat migraine symptoms.


Various natural methods can be effectively used to reduce migraine headaches. Such as –

     Practicing yoga.

     Using essential oils like lavender oil.

     Peppermint oil.

     Maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle.


Naturopathy –


It is a form of a healthcare system that focuses on providing traditional treatments with modern tactics.


It is a holistic approach to treating ailments and disorders of all kinds by stimulating self-healing mechanisms. The combination of various therapies includes –


     Massage therapies.


     Herbal methods.



     Physical manipulations.

     Nutritional counseling.


Naturopathy is an older practice of medication and is used globally. The principal focus is maintaining a long-term health condition.


The treatments have the following benefits:

1.    Prevention of diseases: Disease prevention is the central point in the field. This starts with a nutritional diet and gaining a healthy body and better immune system.

2.    Sleeping disorder: Herbal naturopathic treatments help cure insomnia and other sleeping aids to build healthy sleeping habits.

3.    Creates self-awareness: It helps one to connect with their inner-self. It assists patients in understanding the body type. The signs of the symptoms are when they experience aches, discomforts, or other manifestations.

4.    Safe and effective treatment: It is a safe and effective measure of treating underlying diseases and disorders. It aids in gaining the natural function of the body after understanding its own healing capacities.



Dealing with these factors –


     Positive thinking.

     Lower reduction of stress.




It helps in the overall improvement of health and helps with health-related issues. Naturopathy treats one’s well-being.


How Naturopathy can be a grace for the people suffering from Migraine issues –


According to studies, it can sorrow 5% of men and 17% of women. Unfortunately, there are no biological markers that can confirm the diagnosis of this indisposition.


Usually, the Clinician can diagnose it by understanding a patient’s presentation. It can cause various issues and lower normal body functioning if left untreated for a long time. It can create havoc in our lives.

Naturopathy medications offer various treatments for migraine sufferers. Naturopathy treats patients by acupuncture, providing botanical medicines, and nutritional supplements.


It is believed that the digestive system is the root cause of all problems. To get relief from this, we need to check our diet and stop eating such food that triggers.


Consumption of food such as –




     Cultured dairy products.

     Dried fruits.

     Pickled foods.

     Foods that include nitrates should be avoided.


We believe in treating patients with acupressure. Acupressure is a therapy that helps in pain relief and migraine-related nausea experienced by people.


Several types of research suggest that migraine aches and attacks can be relieved by practicing yoga. It can reduce the intensity and relaxes anxiety.


Doctors suggest the best massage therapy to patients according to their health conditions.


They also offer people suffering from migraine to include magnesium-rich foods in their diet as migraine is caused by magnesium deficiency.


The herbal process treats patients to the problems they encounter with natural procedures.



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