As the novel corona virus relentlessly continues with its impacts, imparting naturopathic modalities into our lifestyle seems important to put up with the strong immunity. Each passing day the virus is taking a new shape and there’s still more to it that we know nothing about.

It’s been a year almost and we still have no proper vaccine for Covid-19 and amidst all of that, all we are left with is, its prevention & cure. The only way to get through it is the proper functioning of the immune system.

To make the immune system respond better, Naturopathy plays an extraordinary role. For naturopathy physicians, health history is much more favoured than a medicinal history and that’s something which enables them to treat the disease from its roots, effectively.

We at Five Lotus Indo German, intend towards customizing an effective therapy for our patients individually. Our skilled and experienced physicians understand the context of one’s ailment and provide an integrated treatment plan to them.

Now before we discuss about the role of Naturopathy in Prevention from Covid-19, let us help you clear out the definition of Naturopathy and its effects.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a treatment that uses natural ways to help a body heal. It is a combination of traditional methods and modern healthcare approach. Naturopathy is a traditional and non-invasive method of treatment that promotes self-healing and wellness. It focuses on the body’s capacity to heal itself by improving its immunity. That way, this combination of treatment helps the body to fight all health problems and enhance healing.

The journey of naturopathy starts on the path of refining one’s lifestyle. As they say “We are what we eat”, in the same way our day-to-day habits are what determines our body’s healing pace. Naturopathy treatment aims at improvising the internal imbalance of a body which automatically leads to external healing. Apart from physical ailment, it also focuses on the mental and emotional illness too.

Role of Naturopathy in Prevention from Covid-19

“Prevention is better than cure” is what sums up Naturopathy.

We all have been following necessary precautions to break the chain such as social distancing, sanitizing, wearing masks, maintain good hygiene, etc. But apart from that, the most significant factor that helps you to prevent the disease is the capacity of your body’s immune system. As long as it is capable of fighting off the viruses, you will be shielded from the disease. 

Despite all of that, many people out there get trapped with the most basic symptoms of the novel coronavirus which is breathing issues or lung congestion. Breathing is the most fundamental element of a human body and if that transpires, one can be on the edge of losing their life.

At times, it may even lead to Asthmatic attacks which also may put your life in jeopardy if not treated on time. The integrative therapies and healing practices of Naturopathy have proven to be super effective in the Asthma treatment and the prevention of this disease. Although, we all are very much aware of the fact that there’s no permanent treatment for Asthma. However, the integrative therapies take the edge off the intensity of this ailment. Even before the novel coronavirus dripped into our lives, Naturopathy treatment was considered as one of the best ways for Asthma Treatments.

It’s almost a year that the Naturopathy is impersonating a vital role in the prevention of covid-19. We have mentioned a few of them here for you.

  1. Improving the routine lifestyle habits

Right from your diet to your sleep schedule, every tiny habit of yours imbalances your internal as well as external health. Naturopathic treatment scatters the light on your everyday habits such as a balanced diet, adequate amount of sleep, hydrated body, etc. It coins your day-to-day habits that magnify your overall well-being.

  • Improvising the immune responses

Your immune system is the defence system of your body. Be it a virus, bacteria or any other physical ailment, it shields you from all of that. Naturopathy centres work on your physical activities, food and fluid intakes with the purpose to improve your immune responses against the external viruses.

  • Enhancing the respiratory health

Being physically active is what bridges the gap between you and your respiratory problems. Exercising or performing yoga regularly boosts the stamina that leads to the improvement of lung functions. It works for Asthmatic patients as well as patients with chronic bronchitis.

  • Enhancing the overall wellbeing

Naturopathic treatment not only focuses on your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. The treatment methods make the physical activity and stress-reducing factors its focal point to promote the patient’s overall well-being.

It’s the times like these when we recognise the importance of traditional ways of treatment and medications. It’s the times like these when we focus on our body’s internal capacity rather than depending on external medicines.

We are settling up with the fact that naturopathic treatments are much more promising than the conventional ways of treatment. It is the most natural solution to all the chronic ailments. Currently, naturopathic treatments and its methods are proven to be competent in the prevention from covid-19 and other pathogens.

We at Five Lotus Indo German, aim to promote these ways and assist our patients with the best therapies and natural approaches. This is the reason we are considered as one of the Best Naturopathy Center in central India. 

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