A major chunk of the population considers Yoga as just another exercise form, and is completely unaware of the miracles that it does to our body.

If you observe many people falling sick, you’ll likely discover a pattern- working for late hours, eating on-the-go, getting little or no sleep, dehydration, stressing out, and various other reason contributes to weakening the immune system, thereby leading to chronic infection, inflammation, auto-immune issues, and other serious problems.

Psychological immunity, on the other hand, is a new concept about how the psychological immune system protects the body against damage, stress and extremely negative emotions, the same way the biological immune system protects the body from harmful substances like microbes and toxins.

There exist various toxins that are generated from constant worry, nervous tension and anxiety, which one can overcome with Yoga. Yoga asanas are known to provide a gentle, natural means of supporting the psychological immune system on a daily basis, irrespective of a hectic schedule. Yoga helps regain the body defenses by strengthening the body and also relaxing the mind.


Above and beyond the calm and relaxation, Yoga also facilitates a deeper connection between the body and the mind. With its emphasis on purposeful movements and the use of breath to guide us through asanas, it can help with depression and anxiety. The effects of Yoga on psychological health also promotes self-efficacy, counteracts lethargy and agitation associated with depression and anxiety.

Helps build Confidence

A more non-judgmental relationship is built through Yoga as you get to know yourself in the process. You exercise more and eat healthier, tend to become confident and develop a healthy balanced ego, with high willpower.

Helps Focus

Further, yoga offers an excellent opportunity to enter flow, the state of being fully engaged and present at the moment with no attention paid to the time passing. Practicing yoga can help people cultivate mindfulness, develop greater awareness, and improve their ability to focus on what is at hand.

Improves Patience

Disorders like anxiety and depression often lead to a lack of patience resulting in angry outbursts. Yoga incorporates numerous breathing activities and asanas like Natarajasana, Virabhadrasana, Vajrasana, Padmasana and various others that help clear your body and mind. Doing these exercises not only improves our patience and sense of inner balance but also help prevents angry outbursts and a peaceful state of mind.

Apart from that, the other ways to boost your psychological immunity is through building a close relationship with your family and friends, a positive outlook for life, healthily coping with stress, ability to manage strong feelings and impulses, etc.

Yoga combines stretching and other exercises with deep breathing and meditation, that not only improves overall physical fitness, strength, flexibility and lung capacity while reducing heart rate, blood pressure and back pain but also help strengthen social attachments, reduce stress and relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.

So, the next time you want to strengthen your immunity, think about getting a yoga mat!

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