As the summer season has already arrived, it’s the best and the most appropriate time of the year of Seasonal Detox.

Spring has always been denoted as the beginnings, and there is no way for you to be in heavy winter layers or scorching sun. Spring is the middle of it.

Following the spring equinox, days begin lasting longer and nights get shorter.

Daylight Saving Time, which moves the clock forward starting in March, gives you even more light hours to get things done.

Those extra hours of sun can be a major mood-booster.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to take stock of your wellness goals and to reflect on how to feel lighter and fresher in the days ahead.

Seasonal Detox using Naturopathy

The naturopathy detox uses a holistic approach to take care of the whole system simultaneously.

The synthesis of toxins is controlled with an active lifestyle in fresh, clean and natural surroundings, while intake is controlled by consuming naturally occurring and minimally processed food.

Seasonal Detox is all about cleansing and nourishing the body inside out by removing toxins from the body and then feeding the body with healthy nutrients.

It can also strengthen the immune system making it easier for the body to fight the diseases.

Apart from a healthy diet full of nutrients, it is also important to perform regular exercise or yoga and meditation in the process of detoxification of the mind as well as soul.

Detoxification Process

The detoxification process includes the elimination of toxins right through the kidney, lungs, skin, to the colon. Impurities in the body doesn’t have a fixed place to settle down, it just needs a long duration of not detoxifying the body.

It can be anything, your kidney, lungs, pancreas, skin, lymphatic system, etc.

The detoxification process Naturopathy includes:

  1. Fasting

Fasting is considered to be one of the traditional methods to detox.

Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean not eating at all; one of the types of fasting also includes having a fluid diet.

By eating one meal a day and just have fluids is proven to be good for gut and overall health.

  • Colon hydrotherapy reduces inflammation

Colon hydrotherapy (used in naturopathy treatments) is helpful in eliminating solid wastes, undigested food and other food materials that are stuck in the gut.

In this treatment, warm water is passed under gentle pressure into the colon to remove the encrusted matter, gas, mucus and other substances lodged in the intestines.

This method can naturally remove up to 22 kinds of toxins from the digestive system.

  • Improvement in the circulation of blood

Refueling the body with healthy food and removing toxins from the body promotes the blood circulation of the body.

It cleanses the lymphatic system of the body which leads to remove the blockages.

  • Intake of the nutritional food

Every method of the detoxification through naturopathy includes healthy and nutritional diet.

It not only detoxifies the body but, also helps the body to absorb more oxygen and allows blood to flow smoothly throughout the body.

  • Stress reduction and boosting immune system

Cleansing the toxins from the body and living a balanced life promotes positive energy physically as well as mentally.

Body cleansing, nutritional intake, regular exercises, and getting adequate sleep leads to a timely lifestyle, which boosts the mood and reduces the stress.


Detoxification not only cleanses the body but also the mind and soul.

Mental health is equally important as the physical health and this process leads to one another.

And the benefits go far beyond just your internal organs.

Kicking off the season with a detox is the best way we know to hit reset and look beautiful from the inside out.

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