What is Hypertension?

“Hypertension” is a condition of high blood pressure, i.e., a sphygmomanometer reading of over 140/90 mmHg. This means that the systolic reading (maximum) is over 140 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and the diastolic reading (minimum) is over 90 mmHg. 


How is Hypertension Caused?

It may be caused due to age, overweight, stress, alcohol or tobacco use, physical inactivity, low potassium or high salt-rich diet. Serious health conditions like kidney disease, tumors, chronic diseases or medications can also cause hypertension. It may also be inherited genetically. But these are only some of the speculated reasons for hypertension, the actual and precise reason still being unclear.


What are the Symptoms of Hypertension?

Thanks to the technical advancement, high blood pressure can be easily detected and there are many ways to control it. Headaches, fatigue, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, vision problem, and nausea are some of the symptoms of hypertension. Most of the people who have high blood pressure will show no signs or symptoms, even if blood pressure reading reaches dangerously high levels. The symptoms of high blood pressure aren’t specific and usually don’t occur until high BP reaches the life-threatening stage.


How is it Diagnosed?

There are no sure symptoms of hypertension which makes it harder to diagnose. So one way to diagnose it in its earlier stages is to get regular blood pressure checkups.



Why Do I Need to Worry?

Referred to as the “SILENT KILLER”, high blood pressure is asymptomatic as it can quietly cause cardiovascular damage. It may possibly lead to heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney failure.


Why is Naturopthy preffered ?

Hypertension can be controlled using medicines or other allopathic treatments, but accompanied with them are their long term side-effects. Hypertension can not be totally cured using drugs unless and until a proper diet and lifestyle are followed. Herbal medicines on the other hand rarely have any significant side effects when used appropriately and at suggested doses. 


How Does Naturopathy control and cure Hypertension?



Naturopathy works on the philosophy that the mind has a direct impact on the body and it aims to treat the root cause of the disease instead of treating the symptoms. Naturopathy targets the mind and emphasizes on managing stress through meditation and many other relaxation techniques. The appropriate naturopathic remedy can help move the body and mind towards healing. A trained naturopathic practitioner is needed to identify and prescribe a deep-acting remedy. While preparing a naturopathic routine for a person, various critical yet generally ignored factors are taken into account like family history, medication or chronic diseases.


Process & Result

Hypertensive individuals must always take a well-balanced diet, get regular exercise and take sufficient rest.  At Five Lotus Indo German, we promote the foundation of more healthy, natural lifestyle practices for cleansing our body. Mud bath, Immersion bath, spinal jet spray, spinal baths, ice compress, foot immersions are few treatments that are used to normalize the blood pressure. After starting a naturopathic treatment, systolic blood pressure can come down to a mean of 129.6 whereas it can come to 86.1 diastolic blood pressure. It also helps in the withdrawal of antihypertensive medicines.


Naturopathy and Yoga therapy can be considered as a valuable approach for hypertension treatment. They can bring blood pressure values into the normal range; however, if lifestyle changes are not maintained, hypertension will probably return.

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