According to a research conducted by UNITED KINGDOM, Migraine is the 3rd most popular disease in the world with approximately 14.7% of Global Prevalence which means 1 in 7 persons in the world is affected by migraine. Also, W.H.O (World Health Organization) classified Severe Migraine Attacks in the list of “Most Disabling Disease”.

Often a times people get confused between Headache and Migraine. Let us have a look on some of the difference between both of them: –

·         Headache does not occur with a pattern but migraine occurs with a recognizable pattern.

·         Migraine is not just a headache, it is severe, repetitive and extremely painful headaches that may occur at one side of the head, any specific part of the head or some times your entire head may start throbbing due to this illness.

·         Headache can rarely start when you are asleep but Migraine often starts when a person is asleep.

·         Headache can affect a person for few hours but the scary part with the pain of Migraine is, it can last for hours or in some cases for several days as well.

There are some causes which can trigger MIGRAINE like stress, depression, anxiety, tiredness, lack of sleep, poor posture, intense bright light, prolonged sitting in front of computer screen, loud noise and strong smell etc.

But at the same time a person may take some preventive steps if they feel some of the symptoms like:

è Speech and Hearing disturbances

è Sudden change in mood like feeling of tiredness,thirst,or hunger

è Sensation of vertigo or fainting

è Light to moderate pain starting on one side of the head

è Feeling of sudden weakness

è A feeling of sickness with an urge of vomiting

è Frequent yawning and neck stiffness

è Feeling of dizziness and confusion


Generally used medications by people to deal with migraine include aspirin,naproxen, acetaminophen, ibuprofen,fluoxetine or any combination of these. But the drawback of using these medications is they may give you temporary relief or easiness. But on the long run they put risk on the internal functioning of the body organs and they have some side effects like: –

Throat and chest tightness

Fatigue and Nausea

Lower blood pressure

Sudden weight gain

Insomnia and sedation

Tingling hands and feet

Loss of appetite


Therefore,Now a days a lot of people prefer treatment of even ‘severe’ disease by naturopathic ways. At Five Lotus Indo German we don’t start prescribing medicines just by acknowledging the disease. First of all we study the patient’s history and try to find out the root cause of why the problem started, when the problem became disease, Is it hereditary or not.

After having a full grasp of patient’s profile, we start treating the patient according to the severity of the disease. Considering the problem of migraine, at this Naturopathy centerwe treat our patient in the Nature’s Lap by some Natural ways like:

àYoga and Asanas:

Practicing yoga on daily basis may ease your headache and migraine problem. A study conducted in UK over 150 people showed that those people who are taking help of yoga as well as conventional methods of treatment are recovering really faster as compared to those who are relying only on conventional methods.

Yoga gives the person having migraine an Opportunity to slow down and relax, and also improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Whenever you improve the circulation, ultimately it helps in alleviating the pain and stress. Yoga changes your body in such a manner that your mind and body become more relaxed. It also helps to deal with anxiety and depression, which are the causes of Migraine. 

àAcupressure Therapy:

According to a research acupressure is a credible alternative therapy for people in pain due to chronic headaches and other similar conditions. Acupressure therapy if applied to specific pain and pressure points gives satisfactory results. Our experts teach here how to use your particular fingers and massage the specific acu points by clasping and unclasping y`our hands and lot of our patients have given feedback that it really works and decreases the intensity of migraine attacks.

àMassage Therapy:

Migraine sufferers find great benefits from massage treatment because it improves the quality of sleep. The research suggests if practiced for a long time it reduces perceived stress and in creases coping skills. It especially helps with tightness of tender muscles, like those in the back of the head, neck, and shoulders, and it boosts blood flow in those areas and therefore it helps to deal with headaches caused by Muscle Tensions.

àHerbal Supplements:


We treat our patients with feverfew, coenzyme Q10, magnesium supplements and Butter bur. It is interesting to note that A daily dose of 150 milligrams (mg) of butter bur was effective in lowering migraine frequency when taken for about 3 months, according to the American Migraine Foundation.

 Apart from them the effective product given by ‘Mother Nature’ for migraine treatment is ‘Lavender oil’. By inhaling it for 15-20 minutes a suffering person can experience a very faster relief. Not only that you can also massage your area affected with migraine pain after applying this oil.


Well . . . the above described methods were just a glimpse of what you will experience in our Naturopathy center at Barnawapara.

To explore more we extend our arms to welcome you Jat  Five Lotus Indo German.





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