“OBESITY is the Mother of All Disease”. The health risks associated with Being overweight are many, they even increase the risk of death from all causes, like Hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, arthritis, and mental illness. Now that would raise an obvious Question in your mind “What causes obesity?”. Well . . . there may be a lot of reasons for that but the most common ones are improper functioning of the liver, blood sugar imbalance, overeating, genetic cause and lack of physical activity.

Unlike a number of weight-loss plans, Naturopathic treatment starts with assessing the cause of being obese. Here at Five Lotus Indo German, the Doctors learn about the medical history of the patient and lifestyle to determine which therapy will suit an individual. At this Naturopathy center, they believe that it is first necessary to be healthy so that you can lose weight and not that losing (your) weight makes you healthy. They believe that healing metabolism should occur prior to weight loss. Therefore, depending on how out of balance your body is, a Naturopath prescribes a natural weight loss program, keeping in view these principles:

Accept the way as you are i.e. dealing with Depression and Self-image.
Meeting the needs of essential nutrients, with the minimum amount of calories intake.
Having sufficient sleep because hormones responsible for repairing your body tissues are released when you are in sound sleep.
A balanced diet is the best way to deal with insulin sensitivity and improper metabolism.
Here at Five Lotus Indo German, we have lots of Naturopathic ways to help you achieve Everlasting results. This Naturopathy center is located in the lush green environment of Barnawapara, Chhattisgarh which will refreshen your mind.

1. We train our patients on How to limit consumption of calories as per the body’s requirements and how to get rid of habitual consumption of high-calorie food.  We minutely deal with the psychological aspects of overeating which are generally because of unhappiness, loneliness, depression, or maybe family stress.

2. Here we work on the concept of “Fletcherism”. We teach our patients that Food must be chewed so much that it becomes pulpy or a milky liquid which gets swallowed easily. Every bite must be enjoyed and every flavor must be savored until it is swallowed. Have control over yourself and eat only and only when you really feel hungry. Eat for your Stomach and not for your tongue. Develop a Confidence and Sense of Authority that You have control over the food, not The Food has control over you.

3. Mother Nature has plenty of nutritional wealth which can treat the deadliest of all diseases. What a pill failed to cure, a natural herb or spice can like at our center we provide you Special Honey-Lemon juice known to mobilize extra fat in the body to finally convert it into energy. Along with that, we provide you Dandelion, gurmar, curcumin, coconut oil, milk thistle, mangosteen, caralluma, and some Secret recipe.

4.We provide you with a diet plan to support and fortify your body. All of our systems depend on one another, and if there is an imbalance in any one of them, the others suffer, whether it is an imbalance of hormones, adrenal dysfunction, digestive problem, inflammation, or imbalance in the detoxification system, correcting it is very essential for natural and permanent weight loss.

5.Meditation & Massage therapy: Massage helps release endorphins in our body which then fills us with a euphoric happy feeling, And by doing healthy things for our body we build a good relationship with our self and treat our bodies with the respect it deserves.  Meditation is a trusted approach for weight loss because a calm mind is more focused and hence functions better towards any goal. It also helps drive away your inner angst, turmoil, and the hidden tensions which curb your ability to think well. So, with the help of this, you will be able to deal with your food cravings better.

In conclusion, Naturopathy for reducing weight is a holistic approach to deal with obesity which is totally dependent on natural remedies such as balanced diet, healthy exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy works on fighting the main reasons for obesity and excessive body fat and focuses on the ability of the body to cure itself through natural ways and means. Naturopathy treatment not only aids in the Treatment of Weight loss but also enhances the mental and emotional state of the person.






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