Naturopathy can be defined as a system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage. Naturopaths believe that acute or short term diseases are necessary for the body to repair itself and that chronic or Long term and serious diseases are a result of trying to suppress these acute diseases. According to Naturopathy, the body itself has all it needs to keep itself healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

Naturopathy has the following benefits over traditional medicine:

Economical Treatment:

Naturopathic treatment is profoundly inexpensive as compared to traditional medicine. The rate at which people are developing chronic diseases in today’s day and age is rising at a steady rate, as a result, the treatment for these diseases is becoming more expensive than ever. For example, a patient suffering from diabetes has to invest vast sums of money on medicines, insulin shots, etc. in order to keep their condition under control. But under Naturopathy, the same patient would save huge sums of money as the treatment would not involve any drugs or artificial techniques but would instead focus on eradicating the disease naturally.

Personalized Care:

While traditional medicine uses the same general treatments for all patients suffering from a common disease, Naturopathy personalizes the treatment for each and every patient. Naturopathy believes that no two bodies are the same and that diseases are a result of impurities in the body. The source of these impurities may be different for different people and hence their treatment under Naturopathy will also be custom tailored to them according to their lifestyle and needs.

No Side Effects:

One of the major arguments in favor of naturopathy is that it minimizes the side effects that are synonymous with traditional medicine and treatments. Even though regular drugs may provide somewhat instant results, there are also numerous and severe side effects related to ingesting artificial drugs. For example, even though it sounds contrasting, it is widely believed that many cases of severe migraine conditions are the result of migraine medication itself. This may happen because the patient is not compatible or is allergic to such medications. But naturopathy eliminates this hazard as the treatment is not only personalized to the patient but also completely natural.

Targets Root Cause:

While modern medicine largely aims to instantly treat the problem at hand, Naturopathy takes a comprehensive look at the weaknesses of the patient and aims to eliminate those weaknesses to treat the root cause of diseases. For instance, Asthma is a respiratory disorder which builds up as a result of toxins in the blood. Modern medicine treats asthma by using medications through an inhaler to provide instant relief, but naturopathy tries to find the root cause of the toxin build up in the blood which may be mental stress, tension, etc. and tries to eliminate it to fix the disease once and for all without any need for prolonged medication.

Long Term Cure:

Naturopathy provides its patients with long term benefits. Rather than short term changes, naturopathy initiates long term lifestyle changes for the patients which allows them to live healthy and disease free not only in the moment but throughout the patient’s life. It provides its patients with the opportunity to restart their life on a healthy note and reverse the damage done to their bodies.

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